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Learning ReactJS  - Overview

Learning ReactJS - Overview

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Ekikere-abasi Michael Ekere
·Jul 19, 2020·

2 min read

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This is my first Article on Hashnode and also my first article for #2Articles1Week Challenge Series.

Hello Everyone this article is the beginning of my Learning React Series. In this series I will go through step by step processes on learning ReactJS, I will start with:


Here we will take a look at what ReactJS is , the purpose of it's creation, the creator, maintainers what it's being used for, projects that uses ReactJS and it's example code.

then we will move on to:

Before Learning ReactJS (a very little touch on ES6)

In this article I will explain some JavaScript ES6 concepts because I will be using it in this series, just in case you are coming from ES5 (React can be written in ES5 too). We look at things like Block Scoping, Classes, Destructuring, Arrow functions, Function arguments, we will learn the rest as we move on.

Then we will then dive into:

Getting Started

We will get to know ways we can add ReactJS to our projects (Existing or New Projects); like adding it with <script> tag using CDN links, using the create-react-app prepared starter pack, and also using online editors like CodePen, CodeSandbox, Glitch, or Stackblitz where you don't need to install anything.

Then we will move on to other topics in the series:

  • Elements and JSX
  • Components Props
  • States and Lifecycle
  • Events and Event Handlers
  • List and Keys
  • Conditional Rendering
  • Forms
  • How to React
c:\> So Brew some Coffee and let's get started with ReactJS
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